Bushido and Forensic Engineering

Jim Green, PE, has spent the last 40 years studying and training in the Martial Arts and it’s applications to Forensic Engineering.  He began with Aikido in the 60’s and has continued on to study several other arts at a high level under Grand Master George Xu and Master Derek Croley. He has traveled to China to train with the the top Grand Masters from several different disciplines. Today he teaches classes and seminars on the high level martial arts principles, concepts, and ethics of Aiki (effortless power) and Bushido (Code of the Warrior) for The White Oak Martial Arts Association and The White Oak Institute.

Martial Arts Education

  • 7th Degree Black Belt and Certified Shifu (teacher) in Xu Shen Chuan under Grand Master George Xu. Grand Master Xu is a former Gold Medalist in the All China Martial Arts Competition, the President of WACIMA, and is Internationally known for his “Undefeatable Secrets.”
  • 3rd Degree Black Belt and Certified Shifu in TAI Kenpo/ Jujutsu and Internal Martial Arts under Master Derek Croley. Master Croley is a VP of WACIMA, founding Chairman of the ASTM Martial Arts Safety Standards, and the President of the White Oak Martial Arts Association.
  • Certified Instructor under Grand Master Laoshi Jiang. Grand Master Jiang is a “Living Chinese Treasure” as he is the last remaining inheritor of the 12 Animal Dragon Style of Hsin Yi Chuan (Mind Shaped Fist). 
  • VP of WACIMA (the Worldwide Association of Chinese Internal Martial Arts).