Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction

moto acc
The Engineering Dynamics of accidents involving bicycles are very similar to accidents involving motorcycles. Over the past 20 years Jim has reconstructed several motorcycle accidents.

Areas of Forensic Engineering Analysis include the following areas:

  • Force of Impact on the Motorcyclist- This includes analysis of the forces on the helmet and protective clothing worn by the motorcyclist.  The analytical effort, also includes the forces of impact on the helmet and clothing as a function of Industriy and Governmental Standards.
  • Trajectory of the Motorcyclist Post Impact- The trajectory of the motorcyclist post impact can be used to determine; point of impact, angle of impact, speed of impact, and path of travel.

Typical Site Layout for Trajectory Analysis

The names of past clients, in this area of Forensic Engineering, are available here!

Motorcycle Safety Standard Links:

Helmet Safety Standards from ECE

DOT Standards

Snell Memorial Foundation Testing Standards